American Red Cross Does Amazing Work Right Here in Cobb County

ARC.jpgMost of us are familiar with the heroic efforts of the American Red Cross in responding to catastrophic disasters across the world. When earthquakes hit, we know the Red Cross will be there shortly to protect life and alleviate human suffering. However, the Red Cross doesn’t get nearly enough publicity for their amazing humanitarian efforts in our community.

In September of last year, the Atlanta metro area experienced the worst flood in over 100 years. More than 60 roads were washed out and even major interstates were shut down. Families in 23 counties were displaced by the rising waters. Many died, thousands were in need. The Atlanta chapter of the ARC was on the ground helping displaced families, with food, water, clothing, and shelter, before the Governor had even declared a state of emergency. Cobb County was one of the hardest hit and the American Red Cross transformed the Cobb Civic Center into refuge of hope for hundreds of flood victims. The Red Cross literally saved the day right here in our community.

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Highlights of Red Cross Flood Relief in Georgia
Safe Refuge for the Displaced
* 9 shelters in 6 counties
* Cots, blankets, emergency clothing, hygiene items, health aid, emotional support and resources for 417 people
* 3,366 overnight stays

Food Service and Delivery
* 2 kitchens, 5 fixed feeding sites and 16 mobile feeding units
* 44,440 nourishing meals served
* 58, 664 snacks served

Individual Assistance and Casework
* 38 mobile outreach teams (caseworkers, nurses and mental health professionals)
* 3,435 contacts made in hard-hit communities
* Counseling for 3,954 people
* Nursing services for 2076 people
* One-on-one casework for 501 families (1,724 people) including financial assistance, referrals and other resources based on need

Bulk Supplies
* 1 supply warehouse
* 10 sites for the distribution of 142, 091 recovery items
* 4,404 clean-up kits
* 3,190 personal hygiene kits

Community Support
* Fielded 6,415 calls for help and support
* Partnered with dozens of government and community organizations
* 1,036 Red Cross workers from 37 states, most volunteers

Please consider donating to the American Red Cross. Even small donations add up to make a big difference.

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