Consumer Reports Warns the Lexus GX460 is a Safety Risk

Lexus460GX.jpgToyota, the parent company of Lexus, got more bad news this week when Consumer Reports published the results of their safety testing on the Lexus GX460. Testing on a handling course indicated the SUV was a rollover risk in real-world driving situations. At the Consumer Report test track, during tight turns the rear of the Lexus GX would slide out until the vehicle was sideways before the electronic stability control system would kick in. This is significant, because If a motorist encountered a similar situation this could cause a rollover accident resulting in serious injury or death.

The test performed is called a lift-off oversteer, and it’s a test Consumer Reports does on every vehicle they evaluate. They have tested 95 various SUVs and no vehicle has done as poorly as the Lexus GX 460. Product liability lawyers and other consumer advocates are taking this report very seriously, as this is the first time Consumer Reports has designated a vehicle’s performance as not acceptable since August of 2001. Right now consumers are urged to refrain from buying this vehicle until this problem is fixed. Those that have already purchased the vehicle are being asked to use extreme caution while driving and to contact Lexus and/or Toyota to see if a fix has been developed.

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