Finding the Right Lawyer for a Truck Crash Claim

Since 2010, the number of fatal large truck crashes has increased by 31%. The danger has increased as regulators, citing supply chain concerns, now look the other way when truckers violate HOS (hours of service) laws and other safety laws. These cases are quite complex since the liability chain does not stop with the tortfeasor (negligent driver). The company that owned the truck, which is usually an out-of-state conglomerate, is legally responsible for damages in these cases. 

So, there is usually no such thing as a “simple” truck crash claim. Such a complex case demands a Marietta personal injury attorney with a certain skill set. There is no way to guarantee that a victim will find the right lawyer. However, victims who look for the following three qualities in their attorneys have a much better chance of obtaining maximum compensation for their serious injuries.


The old adage that ”there’s no substitute for experience” is mostly true. Experience is probably the most important quality in a lawyer, though experience can also be deceiving.

When they graduate from law school, most attorneys know how to think like lawyers. They know how to build cases and anticipate defenses. However, most of these individuals don’t know how to act like lawyers. They do not know the nuts and bolts of everyday legal practice. Your personal injury claim is far too valuable to be an inexperienced lawyer’s on-the-job training laboratory.

If a football team loses all its games and the same 22 starters return the next season, the players are experienced, but they are only experienced in losing. That is not the kind of team you want, and that is not the kind of personal injury lawyer you want. Your attorney should have a successful track record that includes some trials. Many lawyers are too eager to find a quick and easy way out. 


On a similar note, law schools do not teach students to be personal injury lawyers or any other kinds of lawyers. They just teach them to be lawyers. Working with a lawyer who is not dedicated to personal injury is like asking a proctologist to confirm a cancer diagnosis.

Personal injury requires a commitment to individual rights and fighting for those rights against insurance company lawyers. Attorneys who lack this dedication often run out of fuel, and once again, they look for an easy way out.

At the same time, there is strength in diversity. If your Marietta personal injury lawyer also practices criminal defense or another litigation matter, that is often a plus. Such attorneys often have a broader perspective on personal injury cases.


Professional accessibility means, in a nutshell, your lawyer is your lawyer. When you have a question about your truck crash claim, you talk to your lawyer and not a less-experienced associate or a non-lawyer paralegal.

Physical accessibility means your lawyer is close to your home or office and able to meet with you on relatively short notice. Beware the overly-accessible lawyer. If your attorney can meet you on short notice, there is probably a reason the attorney does not have many clients.

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