Georgia Legal Legend George T. Smith Dies at 93

GeorgeTSmith.jpgLast night the Cobb County Bar and State Bar of Georgia lost a true legal legend, George T. Smith. He was one of the first lawyers to welcome me to the bar when I arrived in Marietta as a baby lawyer, over a decade ago. George T. was in his early 80s then and an active member of the bar. He was humble, pleasant, and sharp as a razor.

Known as one of the most versatile men in Georgia politics, George T. had one of the most impressive legal resumes imaginable having served at the highest levels of all three branches of government; Georgia Supreme Court Justice, former Speaker of the Georgia House of Representatives, and Lieutenant Governor. He died last night at age 93. According to his law partner, Tom Browning, George T. was still practicing law until six weeks ago and last year he tried a jury trial. He truly was an inspiring figure.

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