Interesting Lawyer Ads; This One is a Rap Video

I have never advertised my legal services on television, so I admittedly have no idea what is considered effective TV advertising. However, I do know what I find to be the most entertaining…and a Rap Video Lawyer Ad certainly fits that description.

This Ad is certainly a lot more fun than most of what I see on TV. Although not rapping himself, the guy wearing sunglasses in the sport coat appears to be the actual Georgia lawyer the ad wants you to call to “get that settlement check.” I was a little disappointed there wasn’t a line about getting the client diminished value for the shinny Hummer in the background, that would really have put it over the top. As silly as this ad seems, I would not be surprised if it is effective in attracting new clients. If TV advertising didn’t work, I probably would not be inundated by lawyer ads whenever I have the misfortune of watching daytime television.

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