Proving Liability After a Marietta Truck Crash

A semi-truck crash can create catastrophic injuries and death. The complexity of these cases frequently can lead to life-altering injuries for the individuals involved.

If you have been involved in a semi-truck accident, there are key legal concepts to be aware of. The legal issues are complex, and only the most experienced lawyers are equipped to handle a semi-truck claim. To fully understand the scope of issues, you may want to talk to a Marietta Personal Injury lawyer to evaluate your legal rights. 

Georgia Traffic Fatalities are Increasing 

Recent statistics point to a growing number of fatal and serious injuries involving large trucks. According to the Georgia Traffic Safety Facts

In 2020, 1,664 fatalities occurred in motor vehicle traffic crashes in Georgia. This is the largest number of traffic fatalities the state has seen since 2006.

In 2020, 14% of all traffic fatalities involved at least one large truck, with 234 persons fatally injured.

Traffic fatalities involving large trucks increased by 15% from 2019 to 2020.

Traffic fatalities increased by 34% from 174 in 211 to 234 in 2020. 

According to the data from Georgia Traffic Safety, it is important to note that the involvement of large truck operators in traffic accidents does not imply that they caused the crash. It does not imply that these operators caused the crash by actions or failure to take action. 

Understanding Causes of Truck Accidents in Georgia

Trucking accidents can occur due to a variety of reasons. To establish liability, it is essential to identify the causes behind truck accidents. 

Many of the most common causes of trucking accidents are preventable. 

Driver Fatigue 

Long hours of driving can increase the risk of accidents. Although federal regulations stipulate the number of hours a truck driver may be on duty, there can still be violations. Driver fatigue can lead to slower reaction times and impaired judgment. 


Distractions can range from the use of cell phones to texting, personal grooming, and eating. An operator can be distracted by simple actions such as reaching for objects while driving. A moment of distraction can lead to accidents.


Trucks are extremely heavy and require longer distances to come to a full stop. For this reason, speeding increases the likelihood of accidents.

Neglected Maintenance

Trucks are precision instruments and require ongoing specific maintenance. Neglected maintenance can affect any portion of the truck. Lack of tire maintenance can lead to tire blowouts and contribute to truck accidents. Brake failure and mechanical failure may be prevented when vehicles are properly maintained.

Poor Loading

Overloaded trucks can have reduced ability to brake. When trucks are loaded improperly, the cargo may be poorly secured or the weight unevenly distributed. 

Because these cost levels are high, only an experienced attorney can build a proper case for compensation. This may include economic damages such as the cost of treatments, injuries, and prescriptions. It may also include compensation for time lost at work, pain and suffering, future medical costs, and wrongful death.

Filing a Truck Accident Claim in Marietta, Georgia

According to the Georgia statute of limitations, (Georgia Code § 9-3-33) you have two years to file a lawsuit in a Georgia truck accident.

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