Stay Alert for Pedestrian Safety in Cobb County

Walking safely in Cobb County requires alertness and awareness. Taking simple precautions can help you, your friends, and your family stay safe.

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Fatal Pedestrian Collision in Cobb County

According to a Fox 5 News report, a pedestrian collision in Cobb County that resulted in a fatality is being investigated by the Cobb County Police Department’s Special Operations S.T.E.P. (Selective Traffic Enforcement Program) Unit. 

Preliminary investigations point to a driver colliding with a group of juveniles, crossing the road at a designated crosswalk. The impact propelled one individual into a wooded area on the shoulder. 

Emergency services rushed the injured juvenile to Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, where she later died of her injuries, according to the police department. The investigation is ongoing.

Safer Drivers Save Lives in Cobb County, Georgia

According to Cobb County News, safe driving can save lives and create an environment for all people to walk easily and safely.

The Pedestrian Safety Report offers several suggestions and tips for individuals to drive safely and proactively to help prevent a serious or fatal collision. 

Tip 1. Put the Phone Down

According to Georgia law, drivers cannot have a phone in their hand or touch any part of their body while driving. Sending or reading a short text requires looking away from the road. Even a short distraction of 5 seconds while driving at 55 mph is similar to driving the length of a football field with your eyes shut.

A report on 11 Alive confirms that Georgia’s hands-free law is saving lives. The latest data from 2021 shows that 3.1% of all traffic deaths were caused by distracted drivers, mostly using cell phones. This is contrasted with 5.3% in 2017.

Tip 2. Drive Within the Speed Limit in Cobb County

It may seem like a little thing to drive slightly over the speed limit. However, if the vehicle collides with a pedestrian, the difference can be between life and death. 

Tip 3. Be Aware of Pedestrian Areas

Be especially watchful in schools, parks, and shopping areas. Watch for pedestrians near transit shops.

Tip 4. Watch for Child Pedestrians in Cobb County

Children may need more time to cross the road. Be alert when driving through residential areas, parks, and neighborhoods. Watch for school buses and allow time as children approach and leave the bus. Student’s lives depend on your actions and your patience.

Tip 5. Be Aware of Pedestrians Who Need Extra Time

Older adults may need more time crossing the road. Watch for those who are using assistive devices such as canes, walkers, or wheelchairs. Yield to pedestrians and allow time for people who may need extra time. 

Tip 6. Drive With Care in Cobb County

Focus on driving and the task at hand. Avoid distraction. Buckle up. Obey speed limits.

Speeding not only affects you but also puts pedestrians at risk for serious injury or death. Your care in driving can save lives.

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