Suing for a Wrong-Way Crash in Georgia

Wrong-way crashes in Georgia can cause some of the most dangerous crashes imaginable – and you do not have to be a physics professor to understand why. When two vehicles strike each other head-on, equal and opposite forces wreak havoc on the occupants. If you have experienced a crash like this firsthand, you are already well aware of the dangers. What can you do as you recover from your injuries? Can you pursue compensation for your medical expenses, missed wages, and other damages? 

Wrong-Way Crash Causes Injuries in Marietta

Wrong-way crashes are relatively common in Marietta. In June of 2024, AOL reported that an 84-year-old driver had suffered serious injuries after a wrong-way collision on Trickum Road. Police say that another driver veered into the senior’s lane, causing a head-on collision. The driver of the other vehicle was much younger, casting doubt upon the “reckless senior driver” cliche. This younger driver and another passenger were also injured. 

What Might Cause a Wrong-Way Crash?

Various factors may cause wrong-way crashes. A common cause today is distraction, as many drivers veer into oncoming traffic after looking down at their phones. Intoxication is another common factor, and inebriated drivers may struggle to stay in their lanes. Fatigue can also cause people to doze off behind the wheel with catastrophic consequences. 

Can I Sue for a Wrong-Way Crash?

It may be possible to file an auto accident lawsuit after a wrong-way crash. Traveling the wrong way down a road is an obvious example of negligence, and it should be easy to show that another driver caused your crash. Depending on your situation, this type of legal action may cover your missed wages, emotional distress, and medical costs. 

What if I Was Driving the Wrong Way Before My Crash?

If you were mistakenly driving the wrong way down a road before your crash, it might be more challenging to file a lawsuit. However, you should not dismiss this possibility until you speak with an experienced lawyer. Many people mistakenly drive the wrong way down roads because of confusing signage or traffic cones. 

If these signs directed you into oncoming traffic, you may not be at fault for your own injuries. You might have the ability to sue local government agencies responsible for maintaining the roads. Although these kinds of lawsuits are relatively rare, they are possible. Speak with an injury lawyer for more detailed information. 

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