Suing for Van Crashes in Georgia

A van crash in Georgia can affect dozens of people, and it has the potential to change lives forever. Unfortunately, these accidents are becoming all too common in Cobb County and throughout the state. What can you do if a van accident has affected you or someone you love? Can you file an auto accident claim? How much could you receive for a van crash? These are all questions you can ask your auto accident lawyer during an initial consultation. 

Drunk Driver Crashes into Church Van, Injuring Teens

In June 2024, various sources reported that a church van had been struck by a drunk driver in Georgia. The incident occurred on GA 365 near Demorest, and the impact left several teens with serious injuries. All of the injured parties were members of a local church youth group, and a 15-year-old reportedly suffered life-threatening issues. His condition was so serious that he was immediately airlifted to a nearby hospital. Later reports indicated that this boy was “on life support.”

The Georgia State Highway Patrol also noted that the driver who struck the vehicle was “found to be intoxicated,” implying that he had tested positive for alcohol. He also apparently committed numerous infractions prior to the crash, including running a red light. The accident occurred after the defendant ran this red light, and the two vehicles collided in an intersection. Five out of seven teens on board were injured, and three were hospitalized

Van Rollover Leads to $162 Million Settlement in Georgia

Just five days before this crash, FOX5 Atlanta reported that a “historic” $162 million settlement had been reached in connection with a van rollover in Georgia. This accident occurred in 2021, and it killed seven people. Many others were seriously injured when the van crashed in Gwinnett County. Police say that a vehicle in front of the van “suddenly changed lanes,” causing the van driver to lose control.

After rolling onto its side, the van ignited. The combination of impacts and flames proved fatal for six women inside. Later, reporters confirmed that all six were part of a sober living group – and that some of them had just “graduated” from their alcohol recovery program. Injured parties and the families of the deceased individuals decided to sue the sober living group and the manufacturer of the van – arguing that the vehicle was prone to tipping over and steering issues. They also claimed that the vehicle had not been properly maintained. Ultimately, these arguments proved effective. One of the state’s deadliest crashes also led to one of the highest settlements on record.

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