Toyota Crash in South Georgia Kills 5, Including 3 Children

Last week tragedy struck south Georgia when five people were killed and one person seriously injured when a 2002 Toyota collided head-on with a van near Rochelle, Georgia. The Georgia State Patrol is still investigating what caused this crash that took the life of a mother and her three children, ages, 4, 7, and 9, as well as the life of the 68-year-old passenger of the van. The Red Cross is notifying the childrens’ father currently serving overseas with the U.S. Navy. The driver of the van was seriously injured and taken to Macon hospital.

There have been no reports as to the cause of the collision at this time. However, Georgia product liability lawyers and other consumer advocates will be watching closely to see if the investigation reveals whether there were any defects with the Toyota that caused this tragic collision. At least 34 deaths have been linked to Toyota unintended acceleration problems. With more information becoming available about Toyota defects every day, more law enforcement and family investigations are looking to the vehicles for answers in these unusual tragic collisions.

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