What to Do After a Motorcycle Crash in Marietta

A motorcycle driver died after being hit by a car in Marietta, Marietta Police reported in a Patch article. The crash happened on Delfk Road, east of Bentley Road, police said.

The motorcycle driver attempted to avoid the accident but was unsuccessful. 

In Marietta, we are seeing more crashes involving cars, motorcycles, trucks, and pedestrians. If you have been involved in a crash in or near Marietta, you may want to talk with an experienced Personal Injury lawyer to explore the legal options.

Understanding the Basic Laws for Driving a Motorcycle in Marietta

According to the Georgia code, individuals driving a motorcycle must follow specific basics. If you are driving a motorcycle and fail to follow the laws, you may be held more liable for not abiding by the law.

These laws are designed to protect the driver, other drivers, as well as pedestrians.

The state of Georgia requires helmets for all motorcycle operators and riders. Georgia Code § 40-6-315 (2022) requires motorcyclists to wear a helmet or protective gear that is compliant with the Board of Public Safety Standards. If you are buying a helmet, look for the sticker or packaging that confirms the helmet is compliant with the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Regulations, FMVSS218.

Eye protection is also required. Passengers are allowed only on motorcycles designed to accommodate two people. 

The motorcycle must have required mirrors, and turn signals are required on all motorcycles except those manufactured before 1972. In addition, functioning taillights and an acoustic muffler should be installed.

Check with the basic laws and make sure that if you are driving a motorcycle, you are using it as is prescribed by the law in Georgia.

Traffic Laws for Motorcyclists in Georgia

Motorcyclists are required to have a driver’s license and follow basic traffic laws. In Georgia, one law that is specifically for motorcyclists is that they are allowed to drive in the same lane, two abreast. 

Yet, motorcyclists have the same rights as larger vehicles and are entitled to occupy the entire lane.

To stay safe, know the laws for motorcyclists so you can be sure you are following the law.

What to Do in a Motorcycle Accident in Marietta?

The first thing if you are involved in a motorcycle accident is to get to safety and seek medical attention. As motorcyclists have less physical protection than the driver of a car or truck, they should get medical attention as soon as possible after an accident.

After taking care of health concerns, many motorcyclists get in touch with a personal injury attorney in Marietta. This expert can assist with evaluating the situation, gathering evidence, and can help with insurance claims. In many cases, this can help with paying for repairs to a damaged vehicle as well as paying for medical expenses. 

While every case is unique, many people wait to speak with a lawyer because they are not aware that the initial consultation may be free. If this has been holding you back, it is good to know that the initial consultation with an experienced Marietta personal injury attorney is free of charge.

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