Any Dog Can Bite: Prevent Injury in Marietta

Any dog can bite. While many people believe only dogs labeled as aggressive breeds can be problematic, a post by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) says otherwise. 

A Marietta personal injury lawyer works to ensure victims can get compensation, pay medical bills, and reduce the stress of negotiating with insurance companies.

There are several key facts to understand about dog bites and how to prevent injury in Marietta, Georgia. 

Medical Attention is Required

The AVMA notes that medical attention is frequently required after a dog bite. Almost one in five people who are bitten by dogs require medical attention. In addition to immediate care, people who are bitten can have long-lasting complications from a dog bite. Dangers may exist, such as infection, injuries, and cosmetic appearance. 

Children are the Most Common Victims

Dog bites are most frequent among children. Additionally, children are much more likely to be injured severely. 

As children may be less aware that a dog is dangerous, it is the responsibility of adults, parents, and guardians to take action to prevent dog bites and subsequent injuries.

Young Children are Injured Even With Familiar Dogs

The AVMA advises that young children are often the victims of dog bites during routine activities. While interacting with familiar dogs, children can be nipped, scratched, and bitten.

To teach your children about preventing dog bites, keep instructions simple. Talk about how to avoid being bitten, and help your children understand how to relate safely with dogs. Teaching children practical tips and offering instructions for gentle interaction can help them stay safe.

Be Alert: Any Dog Can Bite in Marietta

Dog bites are not restricted to a particular breed. Experts find that even a cuddly, sweet, friendly, and fuzzy dog can bite. The determining factor is the dog’s behavior and individual history. 

While it is easy to fall into categorizations, dogs bite for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are a reaction to something that the dog perceives as stressful. 

Dogs may bite if they feel threatened, such as when they are startled or scared. A dog may snarl and bite due to feeling threatened. They can bite to protect territory, food, or a puppy.

Some dogs bite when they are ill, sick, experiencing allergies, or injured. They can bite out of loneliness or just out of innocently playing and having fun. 

Other dogs can bite, nip, or attack while doing a seemingly innocent activity, such as playing frisbee, wrestling, or tugging at a rope. 

Understanding Georgia Law Regarding a Dog Bite

Georgia law outlines three criteria regarding when a dog owner is liable. The dog must be considered a “vicious or dangerous animal.” The second criterion relates to causation, such as when careless management may have been the cause of the incident. The third criterion deals with provocation and outlines the facts that an injured person did not provoke the injury by their actions. 

The laws regarding dog bites can be complex and complicated. 

An attorney is a legal professional familiar with evaluating a case and gathering the necessary evidence to build a case.

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