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After a dog attack in Marietta, you may need to familiarize yourself with local ordinances regarding animal restraints. This is because your ability to sue may depend on whether the dog owner violated any of these local laws. If no violations occurred and the animal had no prior aggressive tendencies, a dog bite lawsuit may be impossible. However, Marietta’s dog laws are quite strict – and there are many ways in which an owner might violate them. 

Why Do I Need to Learn About Marietta’s Dog Leash Laws?

Unlike many other States, Georgia does not enforce “strict liability” for dog owners. In other words, the victim must prove some kind of negligence in order to pursue compensation for dog bite injuries. Similar States call this system a “one-bite rule,” but Georgia’s system is slightly more complex. Aside from simply showing that the dog in question has carried out an attack in the past, you may also prove that the dog was unrestrained. If you choose this route, you must consider ordinances regarding dog leashes and similar subjects. 

Stray dogs are becoming a serious threat in Georgia. In May of 2024, numerous sources reported that a “pack of stray dogs” had mauled a mother to death. The incident also left the woman’s children injured, and it sparked a renewed discussion about dog attacks in Georgia. However, later reports suggested that the dogs were not actually “strays” but rather unsupervised and uncontrolled pets of a nearby neighbor. What can you do if you were attacked by stray dogs in Georgia

The Definition of a “Stray Dog”

The definition of a “stray dog” is somewhat elusive. In most contexts, the phrase refers to a dog without an owner. In other words, these are “wild” or “street” dogs. However, people may use this term loosely – and it may refer to a dog that is simply venturing off its property. After the tragic May incident in Georgia, many media sources referred to the animals as a “pack of stray dogs.” However, there is some indication that the dogs were not true strays. An individual close to the family seemed to suggest that the attack was carried out by “the neighbor’s dogs.” If this is true, the animals might have simply wandered or “strayed” off the property. However, another local stated that the animals had been “dumped” on the street. 

Dogs are the most popular pets in the United States. About 65 million households own at least one dog. A dog is often considered a member of the family, but it is important to remember that dogs are animals. All animals, including domesticated dogs, can be dangerous. Dog bites are among the most serious and painful types of injuries. National Dog Bite Prevention Week is a time dedicated to educating the public about dog bites and how to prevent them. 

Dog Bite Statistics

More than 4.5 million people a year suffer dog bites in the United States. Approximately one in five people who are bitten by a dog require medical attention for their injury. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 800,000 people a year visit an emergency room for a dog bite injury. About half of all dog bite injuries occur to children. Children may often be bitten by a family dog or a dog they know. It is essential to understand that any dog, regardless of size or breed, can bite someone. While some dogs may be known to be more aggressive breeds, any dog can bite a person. 

Dogs are extremely popular pets in Marietta, Georgia. Yet, as popular as dogs are, the state of Georgia does not have a statewide leash law.

Instead, specific cities and counties have adopted laws such as regulations regarding owner liability and when a dog must be restrained. Understanding these leash laws and liability issues can help owners prevent dog bites in Marietta.

What is the One Bite Law in Georgia?

Getting bitten by a dog can be scary, shocking, and unpleasant. If you have been bitten or scratched by a dog, cat, or other mammal, it is essential to report the event and get medical attention. Cobb and Douglas Public Health provides specific instructions for reporting and getting medical care.

If you have been bitten by a dog in Cobb County, after getting medical attention, you may want to consider speaking with a Marietta personal injury lawyer. An experienced lawyer may be able to provide insights into legal options.

Coping With a Dog Bite in Cobb County

Do you have a dog? A report from the American Veterinary Medical Association confirms that the number of households owning a dog is 48,255,413. The AVMA cites the total number of dogs in the United States is approximately 76,811,305, or an average number of 1.6 per household. 

If you have been involved in a dog bite incident, the physical and emotional trauma can be significant. You do not have to struggle alone. As an experienced Marietta personal injury lawyer, we understand how challenging it can be when an animal or dog attacks you. 

Beware of the Dog: Some Bite

If you are a dog owner or interact with dogs, you may be wondering what you can do to prevent a dog bite from occurring. If you have been involved in a dog bite incident, it may be helpful to discuss your legal options with a Marietta Personal Injury lawyer.

Keep Dogs on a Leash in Cobb County

Under Cobb County Ordinance § 10-11, pet owners are responsible for keeping animals on a leash while on public property. Animal owners also are required to restrain or control animals preventing them from attacking other animals or people. 

No one gets up in the morning thinking, “Hey, today is a great day to get bitten or attacked by a dog.” Yet, many people do not think strategically about staying safe around strange dogs or responding effectively if a dog knocks them down. 

If you have been involved in a dog bite incident, you might want to discuss your legal options with a Marietta Personal Injury lawyer.

Do You Know The Dog? Tips to Stay Safe in Marietta

Any dog can bite. While many people believe only dogs labeled as aggressive breeds can be problematic, a post by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) says otherwise. 

A Marietta personal injury lawyer works to ensure victims can get compensation, pay medical bills, and reduce the stress of negotiating with insurance companies.

There are several key facts to understand about dog bites and how to prevent injury in Marietta, Georgia. 

If you or a loved one has been bitten by a dog, you may be wondering if you need a personal injury lawyer to help you file a claim for your dog bite. Some people prefer to handle the legalities on their own and may not wish to engage legal counsel.

How Severe is the Dog Bite?

Dog bites can be a tiny nip or a major injury. If you have been injured in a dog bite, it is important to assess the severity of the injury. 

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