City of Atlanta Agrees to Pay a $4.9 Million Dollar Settlement to the Family of Kathryn Johnson for her Wrongful Death

The city of Atlanta has reached a settlement to pay $4.9 million dollars for the wrongful death claims of Kathryn Johnston. The tragic death of Ms. Johnston had a huge impact on our community and hopefully the resolution of this case can bring some closure to the family and the city. Mayor Kasim Reen said the resolution of the case is an important healing step for the police department and the city.

APD.jpgKathryn Johnston was killed in 2006 following a botched drug raid on her house. Using information from a confidential informant, the Atlanta police officers executed a no-knock warrant and kicked in Ms. Johnson’s door. The officers shot and killed the 92 year old woman and then planted drugs in her home.

Three former city of Atlanta officers pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to violate civil rights resulting in death and were sentenced in 2009. Multiple other officers pled guilty to various offenses and were either fired or reprimanded for violations of department policy.

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