Hit and Run Driver Responsible for Fatal Lawrenceville Crash Receives 40 Year Prison Sentence

Hit and run driver, Cody Rhoden, pled guilty to 4 counts of vehicular homicide in Gwinnett County this week. Following his plea, the judge sentenced him to 40 years in prison with an additional 30 years of probation. According to prosecutors, Mr. Rhoden caused one of the deadliest car crashes in Gwinnett County history killing 4 people and seriously injuring several others.

According to witness statements, he was zooming through traffic at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour and had consumed up to five 16 oz beers at an Atlanta Braves game prior to driving home that night. Police say he ditched his Acura after the collision and turned himself in the following day.

The damage this man caused with his reckless driving is truly unimaginable. One of the crash survivors, Latavius Finley, testified at the plea hearing “I’m lost. My first born died in my arms. My fiancee died in my arms. My little brother died after responding to me on the highway. My life has not been the same.” Although nothing can mend the harms suffered by the grieving families, hopefully Mr. Rhoden’s conviction can help bring closure to the victims’ families.

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