Kid Rock on Trial in Dekalb State Court for Waffle House Brawl – Security Footage Video

On October 21, 2007, Waffle House security cameras captured a violent brawl staring Kid Rock. This security video (shown above) will likely be key evidence considered in the Dekalb County civil trial against Kid Rock this week. According to the defense lawyer, the victim started the fight and Kid Rock and his five body guards acted in self defense when they punched, kicked and threw a chair at Decatur resident, Harlan Atkins. However, the video tape clearly shows the violence begin when Kid Rock jumps over a table to punch a seated Mr. Atkins. With this video, it is going to hard for Kid Rock’s lawyers to sell self defense to a Dekalb County Jury. I’ve tried cases in Dekalb, and Dekalb jurors are smarter than that.

If the surveillance video wasn’t bad enough for Kid Rock, the AJC reports that the witnesses (a waitress and a customer) both testified this week that Kid Rock and his entourage started the fight and kicked Mr. Atkins’ prone body until he was covered in blood. Kid Rock and his co-defendants escaped criminal trials by pleading guilty to the criminal charges for this incident. As a Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer, I’m still surprised to see Defendants, like Kid Rock, refuse to accept responsibility and pay for the harms they cause.

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