Deadbeat Parents Arrested For Failing to Pay Child Support in “Free” Iron Bowl Ticket Sting

Lee County Alabama has come up with a fool proof plan to catch and arrest parents who are delinquent on child support payments: offer them free tickets to the Iron Bowl, the annual game between Auburn University and the University of Alabama. According to the Opeika-Auburn News, the Lee County Sheriff’s Office set up a plan called “Operation Iron Snare” where they sent letters out to 140 parents who were delinquent on their child support payments telling them they had won tickets to the Iron Bowl. The letter said that all they had to do was bring photo ID to a specified location to claim the tickets.

The officers went all out decorating the room in balloons with banners on the wall, news cameras, and arresting officer dressed in both Auburn and Alabama gear. Unfortunately when the “winners” were greeted it was with handcuffs rather than tickets.With the plan, coined “Operation Iron Snare,” the department was able to catch about a dozen violators who owed an estimated $270,000 in back child support.

Former Alabama coach Paul “Bear” Bryant was once quoted asking of Auburn, “What the hell’s a matter with you people? Don’t y’all take football seriously down there?” I would venture to say after watching this video that there is no question about the seriousness of football to fans of both Universities in the Yellowhammer State (yes that is Alabama’s nickname), especially the gentleman who, as he is being arrested, still questions if he is going to receive his free tickets.

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