Forsyth County Car Collision Kills Distracted Driver

As an Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer, I was saddened to see another reported car collision death in the metro area caused by driver distraction. A Forsyth County woman was killed when her car crossed into oncoming traffic and struck another vehicle Wednesday night. According to WSBTV the woman was eating a sandwich and fries when the crash occurred.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, auto accidents are the number one cause of accidental death in America and Georgia is no exception. In our State, over 1,600 people die every year from motor vehicle accidents. Across the nation, distracted drivers are reported to be the number one cause of motor vehicle accidents. We spend so much time in our car that multi-tasking while driving has become common place. In a recent survey conducted by a national insurance company, 80% of drivers admitted to driving while talking on the cell phone, eating, conversation with passengers, or some other type of distraction.

Every now and then, almost all of us will engage in some sort of distraction when we drive. When I drive through town, it seems like every other driver I see is on a cell phone. We all need to be more conscious of distractions when we drive and educate our children about the dangers of cell phone use, eating, and other types of driving diversions. A tragic accident like this illustrates the dangers of distracted driving and hopefully brings awareness to a very real issue that kills thousands of Americans every year. My prayers go out to everyone affected by this terrible accident.

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