How to Help Your Teens Drive Safely in Georgia

According to a report in Atlanta News First, the National Safety Council found that 1470 people died in crashes in Georgia in the first ten months of 2022. 

Officials noted that traffic accidents are the number one cause of preventable death for teens. And the latest data confirms that the number of traffic accidents for teens has increased by 16%.

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Six Tips For Parents of Teens Starting to Drive in Marietta

Parents of teens want to know how to help their children stay safe, learn to drive safely, and take precautions to prevent traffic crashes.

  1. Recall Your Experience of Learning to Drive

If you’re a parent now, there was a time when you didn’t know how to drive. Perhaps you were a teenager. Maybe you learned how to drive from your mother, father, or another adult. 

No doubt, you can remember your feelings, such as the thrill of learning, fear of making mistakes, and excitement at getting behind the wheel. Take some time to reflect on your experience as you help your teenager stay safe and get comfortable on the road.

2. Define an Agreement About Driving in Marietta

Whatever you decide about driving, create it together with your teen. Outline the expectations, behaviors, and agreements. This may include rules such as driving at night, distances, and not driving when distracted or emotional.

This CDC provides a sample of a parent-teen agreement. The agreement may modified or changed over time. Sitting down to define the key points can help clarify what is expected, as well as collaborate on finding mutually agreeable solutions.

3. Get Expert Input With Driver’s Ed in Marietta

With many online and in-person teen driver’s education courses, you don’t have to be the sole instructor. Other people are skilled in knowing how to educate, refine poor habits, and boost confidence. 

4. Be Transparent About Your Skills

Maybe you aren’t so great at parallel parking. Perhaps you forgot how to skillfully use a stick shift. Admit your strengths and weaknesses. Your teen is more likely to respect your candor and openness.

5. Emphasize Focused Driving in Marietta

Distracted driving can lead to serious injury and fatal accidents. Encourage focused driving practices so that texting and cellphone use are not fall-back habits.

According to a report from NHTSA, dialing a phone number while driving increases the risk of a teen crashing by six times. Texting while driving increases the risk by 23 times. 

6. Watch Your Emotions to Set a Good Example

If you’re checking your emotions, it’s easier to stay focused on your driving agreement – and teaching safe driving habits. You are setting a good example in driving skills and staying calm.

Experts in driving instruction advise parents that watching emotions is key to helping teens learn how to drive safely.

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