What You Need to Know About Georgia Crashes

Many Georgia residents are all too familiar with dangerous driving on Georgia highways and roads. 

According to a recent report on WSB-TV, Georgia is considered pretty safe compared to some of the other states in the United States. The Peachtree State ranks in the top 15 for the nation’s best drivers. It is the third highest for using seatbelts. has the unfavorable rating of being number 5 in the nation for accidents and car crash rates. 

Yet, not all the data is so positive. According to a report on crash statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in 2022, Georgia had 1,786 motor vehicle traffic fatalities.

If you’ve been involved in a traffic accident in Georgia, talking with an experienced Marietta personal injury lawyer may help in evaluating the legal options.

What are the Leading Causes of Georgia Crashes?

Many factors come together, yet knowing the causes and hazards of crashes can help you stay safe, drive safe, and help prevent future collisions. 

Georgia Crashes are Common at Intersections

Intersections in Georgia are one of the most common locations of crashes. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, over 300,000 crashes took place at intersections. 

Given the volume of traffic and complexity of traffic patterns, it can be challenging to navigate intersections safely. This is further compounded if drivers are speeding, failing to obey traffic signals, or not abiding by legal right-of-way.

Georgia Crashes Involve Distracted Driving

In 2022, Georgia had 158,000 confirmed and suspected incidents of distracted driving. Whether using a cellphone, texting, or being distracted by other electronic devices, drivers only need to be distracted for a moment to lose attention from driving. This is a dangerous and potentially deadly cause of crashes.

Commercial Truck Crashes in Georgia

Large trucks are heavy and big. Due to their weight and size, commercial trucks can be harder to control and stop, resulting in a higher risk of crashing. Georgia, in 2022, saw approximately 36,480 truck accidents.

Aggressive Driving in Georgia

In approximately 23,800 crashes in 2022, a key factor was aggressive driving. This behavior is commonly called ‘road rage’ and is exceptionally dangerous. Stress, frustration, and anger can escalate to driving without regard for the rules of the road or the safety of oneself or others. 

Aggressive driving is not just a little mistake due to stress and tension. It is considered a serious traffic offense, covered by GA Code § 40-6-397 (2020). 

The term defines the offense as a person driving with the intent to annoy, harass, molest, intimidate, injure, or obstruct another person. This can take different forms, such as excessive speeding, cutting other drivers off, braking unexpectedly to shock or harm other drivers, or erratic lane changes.

Aggressive driving charges can be applied to running a stoplight or tailgating. 

When a person is convicted of aggressive driving, they can be found guilty of a misdemeanor that is more serious than an unintentional accident. 

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If you have been involved in a traffic accident and need to make critical legal decisions, you want to work with an experienced Marietta personal injury lawyer. Talking with an attorney can be an important first step to determining your best choice to protect your rights.

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