Marietta Injury Lawyer Explains What To Do If Your Toyota Suddenly Accelerates

toyota.jpgThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other organizations have been compiling Toyota unintended acceleration data for years. The following is the most up to date data I could find of reported Toyota incidents from 1999 to present:

Total Incidents – 2262
Crashes – 815
Injuries – 341
Deaths – 19

As a Georgia Product Liability Lawyer, I’ve been extremely interested in the massive Toyota recalls due to runaway vehicles. As the owner of a Toyota and a father of two, I’ve been more concerned with what I should do if I experience unintended acceleration. Consumer Reports Magazine and Toyota have recommended the following strategy if your vehicle experiences sudden acceleration:

1) Push the brakes hard and hold
2) Do not pump brakes
3) After hitting the brakes, shift the vehicle in neutral
4) If you can’t get the vehicle in neutral, turn the vehicle off
5) If you turn the vehicle off, leave the key in the ignition
6) Pull safely off the road
7) Turn off the car and park.

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