Preventing Georgia Car Crash Deaths and Injuries the Stated Purpose of the New Super Speeder Law

Thumbnail image for messageboard3.jpgSince the beginning of the year I’ve noticed an increased number of police catching speeders on the interstate and I think I know why. On January 1, Georgia’s Super Speeder law, and it’s new hefty fines, went into effect. A couple of people have asked me about the Super Speeder law this week so I thought I would explain it.

It is pretty simple really. If you are caught speeding 75 mph or more on any two lane road or 85 mph or more on the interstate you will have to pay an additional $200 fine to the State. This $200 fine will be added on top of the local fines and penalties. Getting a super speeder ticket is going to be a very expensive mistake.

According to the official press release of the Governor’s office, sixty percent of all trauma patients in Georgia are crash related and on average there is a speed related death a day in Georgia. The Governor’s office goes on to say, Super Speeder will save lives and change the behavior of speeders in Georgia. As a Marietta Injury Lawyer that has seen too many lives ruined by truck and car collisions, I hope this new law will have the desired effect. Please slow down, you will be safer, and your bank account will thank you.

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