Suing for a Stray Dog Attack in Georgia

Stray dogs are becoming a serious threat in Georgia. In May of 2024, numerous sources reported that a “pack of stray dogs” had mauled a mother to death. The incident also left the woman’s children injured, and it sparked a renewed discussion about dog attacks in Georgia. However, later reports suggested that the dogs were not actually “strays” but rather unsupervised and uncontrolled pets of a nearby neighbor. What can you do if you were attacked by stray dogs in Georgia

The Definition of a “Stray Dog”

The definition of a “stray dog” is somewhat elusive. In most contexts, the phrase refers to a dog without an owner. In other words, these are “wild” or “street” dogs. However, people may use this term loosely – and it may refer to a dog that is simply venturing off its property. After the tragic May incident in Georgia, many media sources referred to the animals as a “pack of stray dogs.” However, there is some indication that the dogs were not true strays. An individual close to the family seemed to suggest that the attack was carried out by “the neighbor’s dogs.” If this is true, the animals might have simply wandered or “strayed” off the property. However, another local stated that the animals had been “dumped” on the street. 

About a month later, another dog attack occurred in Georgia. This incident was also attributed to the “neighbor’s dog,” and police confirmed that the owner of the residence had been warned about harboring aggressive dogs in the past. A woman suffered several injuries in the attack and reportedly required a shoulder replacement in the aftermath. 

Days after that incident, two “aggressive dogs” wandered into a Douglasville farm and killed almost all of the chickens on the property. No owners came forward to claim the animals once they were captured by the authorities, implying they were “true strays.” 

Can You Still Sue if There is No Owner?

A dog bite lawsuit is only possible if you can identify an owner. If you were attacked by a stray dog in public, it might be difficult to pursue compensation. However, legal action might still be possible if you were injured by stray dogs on someone else’s property. If the property owner was aware of the threat posed by stray dogs and did nothing to address it, you may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit. 

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