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There are thousands of accidents every year in Georgia. Wrong-way driver accidents are among the most serious and result in several hundred injuries and some fatalities. The Georgia Department of Transportation, GDOT, provides data regarding crashes that occur in the state. Recent data shows that the number of wrong-way accidents has been on the rise. The statistics show that the number of wrong-way accidents in 2023 was 852, about double the number of wrong-way crashes in 2013. 

What Causes Wrong-Way Accidents?

Wrong-way accidents can occur after a driver mistakenly enters a roadway going in the wrong direction. These types of accidents are due to driver error. Driver error in these cases is likely the result of impairment or distracted driving. The majority of these types of accidents occur at night. The roadway is often poorly lit, making it more difficult for a driver to see. Importantly, the roads have just a few vehicles, so a driver is not always aware of the direction of the road by watching traffic. 

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