What to Expect During a Free Consultation with a Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer

No matter how friendly the signs are, when you meet for a free consultation with a Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer, it is natural to feel a little nervous. 

A lawyer is a professional with expertise in legal issues about personal injury. They can assist with clarifying the law, helping you ask the right questions, and increasing your awareness of the legal process. 

Knowing what to expect in a free consultation with a compassionate personal injury lawyer may ease your nerves and help you stay focused.

What to Bring to a Free Consultation With a Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer

When meeting with a personal injury lawyer, gather all the evidence you have about your experience. Whether you have had a car collision on I-75, a bicycle accident, or a dog bite, gather all the documents that you have in your possession. 

These papers may include items relating to a specific accident, such as witness statements, photos of the scene, names of people involved, medical bills, and notices from your insurance company. 

To help you stay organized, you may want to make copies and keep these in a file folder. This makes it easier to give the folder to your attorney should you decide to move forward in filing a legal case. 

Injured in a Marietta Car Accident: Can You Sue?

If you have been injured in a car accident, you most likely have questions about legal rights, who is at fault, and other specifics related to your circumstances. 

If you have a million questions swirling in your mind, lawyers recommend writing these down in advance. It is often easier to think logically and organize your questions in writing before you go to the consultation. 

Identify the details of your car accident. Ask the questions that you have written down. 

These may include concerns such as:

 • What should I know about rear-end collisions?

  • What should I do about filing an insurance claim?
  • Are there different chances based on who was at fault?

When meeting with a Marietta personal injury lawyer, it is helpful to remember this, “no question is stupid.” If you ask questions, you can get answers. If you don’t ask, you may continue to ponder points that could be easily cleared up.

What to Say in a Free Consultation With a Marietta Personal Injury Lawyer

As you may have seen on television and in the movies, talking with a personal injury lawyer is confidential. In Georgia, your conversation with an attorney is protected by law. (Georgia Code § 24-5-501 (2022))

It is not only smart, but required by law, to speak openly with your attorney. Share the details as you know them, and do not conceal information that may be relevant to your case. It can seem challenging to share information that seems embarrassing, but it is in your best interest. If you do not, you could risk fines or even jail time if what you left out is later revealed during the legal proceedings.

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