Stay Safe Around Strange Dogs in Marietta, Georgia

No one gets up in the morning thinking, “Hey, today is a great day to get bitten or attacked by a dog.” Yet, many people do not think strategically about staying safe around strange dogs or responding effectively if a dog knocks them down. 

If you have been involved in a dog bite incident, you might want to discuss your legal options with a Marietta Personal Injury lawyer.

Do You Know The Dog? Tips to Stay Safe in Marietta

In many situations in Marietta, people are familiar with dogs on their street or in their immediate neighborhood. However, walking in a park or a new area, you may encounter a dog you have never seen before. 

Cobb County Animal Services says you should never interact with a strange dog. No petting. No running up to greet it. No hugging. You do not know if a strange dog is friendly or vicious. 

If a loose dog runs up to you, stay calm and stand still. Do not run. Do not scream. Avoid eye contact. Stay still until the animal moves away. Once the dog becomes less interested, you can slowly back away to a safe location. 

Further, if you fall or are knocked down, Animal Services recommends that you should curl into a ball. Keep your knees tucked into your stomach. Keep your fingers interlocked behind your neck, protecting your neck and ears. 

Interacting With Dogs and Owners: Tips for Safety

Animal Services offers tips for staying safe when a dog is with its owner. Some dogs are calm, friendly, and at ease while being petted by their owner. However, they may become vicious when interacting with a stranger. 

Never pet unfamiliar dogs. Ask the owner if it is safe and get their permission. If you do choose to pet a strange dog with the dog guardian’s permission, hold out your fist to allow the dog to sniff first. 

If a dog guardian or owner says the dog will bite, listen and do not try to pet the animal.

Understanding Georgia’s Dog Bite Statutes

According to Ga. Code Ann., § 51-2-6 to 7, Georgia imposes strict liability for injury to a person, dog, or other animal. This statute is imposed when the dog is considered “vicious” or “dangerous.”

The vicious terminology can be as simple as showing that a dog was required to be leashed by a local ordinance. Also, the animal must be at large due to careless management of the owner and not provoked into attacking.

Injuries From Dog Bites in Georgia

Dog bite injuries can range from infection, bruising, tearing, and scaring. More serious injuries can involve broken bones and damage to the skin, internal organs, muscles, and tissue. Severe attacks may require immediate surgery and possibly cosmetic surgery. 

Stay Safe, Prevent Dog Bites in Marietta

By learning about safe behavior and understanding dog bite laws, you can do your part to stay safe and prevent dog bites in Marietta. Knowing how to stay safe and understanding your options for justice may help you with moving forward.

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