Marietta Wrong-Way Driver Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

sign3.jpgAccording to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Marietta police prevented a potentially deadly situation when they apprehended Leonel Rodriguez driving the wrong way southbound on I-75. Early Saturday morning, September 27, Mr. Rodriguez was arrested for suspicion of DUI and numerous other offenses after driving his truck the wrong way on I-75 at speeds around 85 mph.

Marietta Police spokesman, Mark Bishop, had high praise for the officers that made the daring stop. “In this situation, our officers have the right to use deadly force,” Bishop said. “Both took a great chance in this situation with their lives.”

Thankfully the Marietta Police were able to stop this dangerous wrong-way driver and no one was injured or killed. From our experience as Georgia personal injury lawyers, collisions involving impaired drivers often have devastating consequences. With a former Cobb County prosecutor in the firm we use that experience to help victims of crime, including DUI, recover settlements that help mend the harms caused by the crime. Verdicts and settlements for collisions involving drugs or alcohol are usually higher than most collision cases, because juries are authorized to award punitive damages to punish and deter drunk driving in our community. We regularly represent those injured by drunk and drugged drivers in Marietta and Atlanta, Georgia. If you have been injured by a drunk driver call 770-424-5125 for a free consultation with the Persons Firm.

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