John Stossel; In Favor of The Civil Justice System Before He Was Against It

Mark Twain once wrote “nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.” John Stossel recently presented a program on Fox News vilifying the American Civil Justice System and Trial Lawyers and promoting “tort reform”. The Tort Reform movement, led by people like Mr. Stossel, believes we should restrict the constitutional right to trial by jury to honest Americans because of a few isolated incidents of frivolous lawsuits. However, when Mr. Stossel needs to use the civil justice system it’s okay.

Based on what happened in the video below, Mr. Stossel sued wrestler David Schultz and the World Wrestling Federation and settled his case for a healthy sum.

When John Stossel is the victim using the court system is okay, but the cases of others are frivolous. For a detailed analysis check out lawyer and blogger, Eric Turkewitz’s recent article on John Stossel and his hypocrisy on civil justice. Of course whether you support the constitutional right to trial by jury or not, we all should be able to agree that video was pretty funny.

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